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October 27th, 2023
at Blend Studio
on April 22nd, 2021
mix and mastering by Antoine Estoppey
photo and artwork by PeliPeli
produced by Louis Billette

Louis Billette - saxophones
Shems Bendali - trumpet
Zacharie Ksyk - trombone
Matthieu Llodra - piano
Yves Marcotte - bass
Marton Kiss - drums

He came to bring the light.
By popular demand, saxophonist Louis Billette
proclaimed himself emperor of Geneva jazz.
Surrounded by the finest musicians of his generation,
all of whom have at heart the conviction
that jazz should bring joy to the people.
His expansionist project aims to conquer a wide audience
awaiting the return of jubilant, comforting jazz,
without taking itself too seriously.

"The rising star of the jazz scene."


"An intimate and profound musical domain,
in search of sincere music."


"Bubbly yet velvety".

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Louis Billette began his classical musical studies at the age of six at the Conservatoire du Centre de Paris. He then turned to hip-hop with his brother Romain, releasing his first independent album at the age of 16, and participating in numerous projects as a singer-songwriter.

At the age of 20, estranged from his brother due to schizophrenia, Louis Billette turned to jazz, finding it a far more powerful means of expression than words. Joe Henderson and Stan Getz, as well as Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, were his references. With André Villeger, he learns how to make a saxophone sing. He studied piano, harmony and composition, and became fascinated by the composers Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and Kenny Wheeler.

In 2012, he entered the Haute Ecole de Jazz de Lausanne in the classes of Robert Bonisolo and Mathieu Michel. He participates in both traditional and modern musical projects: OGGY & the Phonics, Lost In Swing, le Big Band de Suisse Romande, Gabriel Zufferey Quartet, Manu Hagmann Choice… These projects give him the opportunity to play on prestigious stages such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Cully Jazz, JazzAscona, Muri-im-Ochsen, Jazz In Bess, AMR, Be Jazz, au Budapest Music Center, les Rendez-Vous de l'Erdre, Jazz in Marciac.

With Immersion (2016), his first all-compositions album, he sets his brother Romain's paintings to music. He explores an intimate and profound musical realm, in search of a sincere music, far from fashions. This was followed by two other quintet albums, Concordance (2018) and Le temps d'une vie (2021).

For his fourth album, LUX (2023), he changes team, proclaims himself emperor of Geneva jazz, surrounds himself with the best musicians in his new city, and switches to generous, jubilant and comforting jazz.


December 3rd,2021
recorded by Nicolas Baillard and Gérard De Haro
at Studio La Buissonne
mix and mastering by Valentin Liechti
photo and artwork by PeliPeli
produced by Hout Records/Kuroneko

Louis Billette - tenor saxophone
Zacharie Ksyk - trumpet
François Lana - piano
Blaise Hommage - double bass
Marton Kiss - drums

Poetic without being meditative,
the album unfolds like a life,
in its repetitions and surprises,
its affirmations and doubts.

A quest for an inner song,
a setting in music of lived experiences,
but also a return to the roots
of his musical vocation,
between the circularity of hip-hop
and the lyricism of Coltrane.


April 13th, 2018
recorded at Studio Mécanique

mix and mastering by Benoît Corboz
artwork by Romain Billette
produced by QFTF

Louis Billette - tenor saxophone
Zacharie Ksyk - trumpet
François Lana - piano
Blaise Hommage - double bass
Marton Kiss - drums

Influenced by the free spirit and creative force
of his schizophrenic brother,
Louis Billette devotes himself
to music with a special eye.
He brings together musicians of great sensitivity
in the service of a modern music,
with ancient roots and resolutely acoustic.


September 9th, 2016
recorded by Antoine Estoppey at Blend Studio

mix and mastering by François Lana
artwork by Reto Andreoli
produced by QFTF

Louis Billette - tenor saxophone
Zacharie Ksyk - trumpet
François Lana - piano
Blaise Hommage - double bass
Marton Kiss - drums

Music is not only a part of Louis' life,
but the way for him to connect
with something out there
that cannot be reached through
rational thought and experience.
Immersion is a contemplative
and deep first album, but also fresh. 

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